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Metamorphosis program and …

Make The Next Phase Of Your Life The Best Phase Of Your Life.

Learn proven strategies for building the side business or project of your dreams in just six weeks without having to leave your

9-to-5 behind. 

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SisterLadyGirl’s Metamorphosis
Program Is Right For You If:

  • You want to leverage your earned skills, knowledge and expertise to start the side business or project of your dreams 

  • You want to earn extra income while keeping your paid, full-time position.  

  • You want to dip your toe into entrepreneurship without diving in full time.


From Corporate Cog To
Successful Sidepreneur

Imagine this … For more than a decade, you’ve been a middle manager at a global Fortune 500 company. Over the course of your 30+ year career, you’ve earned numerous awards and accolades as you work toward your goal of getting promoted to the senior level. You return to school to get a Master’s degree. And, you even launch a business on the side to further hone your skills. 

But, whenever the opportunity for advancement arises, you are repeatedly passed over. You want to believe when one door closes, another will open. So, you hire more leadership coaches, take more leadership classes and continue to grow your business on the side – all with the notion that you’ll be uber-prepared to lead when the time comes. But it never does. And you start to wonder, “What is my Plan B?” 


So, you create your own side business in response to feeling ‘left on a shelf.’ In the process, you create a thriving community where you get to display your leadership skills and help hundreds of working women over 40 get inspiration, information and training to make the next phase of their lives the best phase of their lives.


Now, you’ve built something special from the ground up. And, you’re making a difference in the lives of other women looking for guidance as they travel the same path you have. You realize that you have options outside of the traditional 9-to-5 and you have the power to define your success on your own terms.

Ready To Get Started? 

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This is exactly what women who participate in SisterLadyGirl’s Metamorphosis program can expect. You’ll learn a proven framework that gives you the flexibility to work whenever, wherever and however you want while earning the most amount of money you can on the side. Plus,  you’ll have a community of like-minded women who want to pivot, plan, and profit by leaning into their earned skills and experiences, leveraging their expertise, and launching the side business or project of their dreams.
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